Code error 20208

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I just downloaded the Go App (version 2.7.2) on my iPhone 11, currently using iOS 14.8.
Problem is, I cannot download any map, the following error message keeps popping up:
"An unexpected error occurred with the map. Try the action again to resolve the problem (20208)".

Already tried to disinstall / re-install the App, but still does not work.

Any idea what the problem might be?


  • danielelpaisano
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    I redownloaded the Go App '(version 2-7-2) on my iphone 12 using iOS 15.0.2
    I can download the Belgium map but not Luxemburg or German or Netherlands,
    "An unexpected error occured with the map .... idem as above only the code is 20209 , I reinstalled rebooted but no solution,
    By accident I downloaded Lithuania which installed without a problem but I don't need it.
    All help welcome

  • RicBar
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    Technical support suggested to download maps w/out WiFi (using 4G / 5G), as this seems to be a known issue.
    However, I only managed to download one map like that, then I got the usual message (but this time code error 20209).

    Go figure?