Another maps update, another wrong restrictions

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So, after last map update, I've noticed on M25, direction Dover, it's a truck restriction. Same like the one on M25 after you go out from tunnel from Dartford. I'm so curious if someone read those posts, bcs nothing is changing. You see that it is a new update and you are happy bcs you think this new update will fix bad things, but when you discover more bad things appear, like new restriction on highway, you'll be so disappointed. I wonder now how many other restrictions like this exist?? x290bp7755f7.jpg


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    I agree. What is it with the Dartford Tunnell that Tomtom has been getting wrong for years now. One map update seemed to fix it then when the next one came along it went back to the old way. Very frustrating. Drivers just expect it now around that area. I have now put it in my places and make the sat nav take me that way, but we shouldn't have to. Sort it out TomTom.
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    I live in the Southwest of England and have just started LGV driving. I have been practising setting routes from Plymouth Eastwards (A38). This is a LGV Trunk Route so basically bridges over dual carriageway are unmarked so Min 5 Metres. When I set vehicle height parameter to 4.8m I get a routed off the A38 at Marley Head to follow the A385 to Dartington and then A384 back to Buckfastleigh to join A38 again which makes no sense. If I drop the height to 4.7m it allows me to follow the A38 all the way. Sorry if I'm being thick here but has anyone got any thoughts or similar experiences?
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    After that "special" map update it looks like people playing jokes. Yesterday a slip road on the m69 was marked as "restricted no access " it was nothing there. Same on the A20 towards London. This is seriously bad. Maybe tomtom lost his edge now over Garmin. 🤔