i cant do factory reset

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My TomTom Touch is now useless, since i cannot make a factory reset.
At the moment:
- it can be paired to any Phone, the bracelet screen only shows tomtom.com/123

When i try to do factory reset the tomtom sports connect desktop app opens , there is:
- Viking_WatchWindow_Error_Recovery_Mode_T, and the green button is "Viking_WatchWindow_Reset_Button"
- after clicking the button, the whole process takes a bit and i can even see a progress bar on my bracelet but then it open and closes multiple times the desktop app TomTom Sports Connect, just to end up opening again and offering the same reset options.....so the whole process is and endless loop without a resolution.

Please suggest.


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    There is not much to suggest, it is dead. TT Sports discontinued the Touch before they went out of business 4 years ago so it is out of warranty and unsupported. Time to move on.