TomTom Go 6200 Not asking to take alternative route

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Hello All

I've had a TomTom Go 6200 for 3 years and I reckon I've had this problem for over 2 years but have not asked for help before because on my normal travels it doesn't affect me too much.

So, this is the problem. Although my satnav is set to "Ask Me" if there is a faster route available in case of a traffic jam but the device never does, just takes the alternative route anyway. This can often be a pain rather than helpful. I have performed several reboots, ensured over and over again that the settings are right but no joy I am afraid.

Any help, advice would be appreciated.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @MoJam

    When you say reboots do you mean soft resets involving holding the On/Off button in for circa 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound or a Factory Reset Tapping Reset Device in Settings/System.

    If you have not done the latter then try that after ensuring that all your My Places and My Routes are saved in your account by going to the My Drive Website and logging into our account.

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    Hi Doug
    Thanks for the reply. I have done both. After several soft resets it did not solve the problem so I did a factory reset once but still no joy. I would hate to do another factory reset as it's a right pain.