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My new go expert is not connecting correctly to my i phone, it will connect but the my drive app cannot link to the device, I have also tried to connect to another android phone and the same issue is present, in this case the device should provide a qr code which it does not. I have tried a soft and hard reset of the device with not luck. It seems to be some very poor software on the device. Has anybody any suggestions before I send it back to Tom Tom for a full refund as it does not provide the services they sell it as having, and this seems to be an ongoing issue.


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    Hi @Ciaron

    If you are thinking that the My Drive App on your phone should be part of the Bluetooth setup as on devices like the GP6250 Professional then that is not possible.

    Firstly the inclusion of the My Drive App in the Bluetooth pairing process was to facilitate the ability to manage messages on the TT units which is a service the GO Expert does not offer as it also does not offer a handsfree facility.. . Since Apple introduced f iOS 13, and after, the ability to include the My Drive App in the Bluetooth process is not possible. Now when you wish to Bluetooth pair your iPhone to a TT unit you do so without any involvement of the My Drive App but you have to go into the iPhones Settings and turn on Personal Hotspot. You will never be asked for the Personal Hotspot password but the option must be turned On to ensure Bluetooth links.

    The My Drive App, and the My Drive website, offer tha facility;ity to create routes which are saved in My Routes and synced to the GO Expert or to send destinations or Stops to the GO Expert which you log into My Drive on as part of the setup process. .

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    how to activate the personal hotspot on the iPhone

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    Hi @issartier33

    On iphone go to Settings/Personal Hotspot then just toggle Allow others to join to On.

    You do NOT use the Wifi option on the Go Expert to connect to the IPhones Personal Hotspot.

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    Whatever I do, he disconnects from the service, as soon as I connect the second phone, it starts working, an hour passes, and I have to play with the phones.

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