My Places Favorites Not Syncing (though Routes do sync)

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After years of working just fine, now whenever I add (or delete) My Places favorites on my Rider 400, or in the MyDrive Route Planner (on a Windows 10 computer), the Rider 400 and the MyDrive Route Planner no longer sync the My Places favorites to each other, i.e.; the added (or deleted) favorites do get added to (or deleted from) the other. At first, they were taking a long time to sync, but now not at all!

However, Routes sync just fine, with no problem, so there IS at least something of a MyDrive connection between the Rider and the MyDrive route planner. Weird! Also, for whatever it may be worth, I also use the Tyre route planner.

Note that I have gone through a long list of potential issues / solutions, listed below, but to no avail. So does anyone have any thoughts as to what else can be causing this weird problem? Is this, perhaps, a TomTom server problem, or something only on my end???

I very much thank you all in advance for any help and/or suggestions.

*The Rider is connected (signed in) to MyDrive via the computer, as verified on the Rider 400 and on the MyDrive-Connect display page on my computer.
*The Rider and MyDrive Route Planner are signed into the same account.
*I tried logging out and back in, numerous times, on both the Rider and MyDrive Route Planner.
*I tried restarting the computer numerous times.
*There's plenty of free space storage on the Rider (i.e.; more than 7 gigabytes) and reduced the number of My Places and Routes down to a minimum on the Rider 400.
*The Rider 400 is up to date (as per the MyDrive-Connect display page).
*I'm using the original TomTom USB cable, plugged directly into a USB port on the computer. I also tried a different USB port.
*I tried a hard reset of the Rider.
*I uninstalled and reinstalled TomTom MyDrive on my computer.
*I have cleared the cache in the TomTom MyDrive settings.
*I have no other TomTom GPS device that would confuse the MyDrive connection.
*I've signed out of MyDrive-Connect on all other devices, i.e.; tablet and cell phone.
*I have searched the TomTom Community posts and the TomTom troubleshooting suggestions.



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    My Places syncing is now working again for me!
    Whew... a sigh of relief breathed here.

    The syncing began working again right after I used the Tyre2Navigate route planner to send an existing POI file from my computer to TomTom MyDrive and, as expected, the POI file showed up on my Rider 400. I was then surprised, however, to also see that the My Places favorites that previously did not sync between the Rider 400 and MyDrive were now synced! I then added a couple more My Places favorites and they also synced!

    So I now ask myself, though: Was using Tyre2Navigate to send the POI file to the Rider 400 instrumental in getting My Places sync to work, or purely coincidental? Perhaps having previously uninstalled/reinstalled MyDrive-Connect on my computer and having done a hard reset of the Rider had a delayed effect? I just hope that the sync sticks. I'll report back after I feel safe that it has.

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    Ugh! It's still happening... My Places favorites not syncing from MyDrive Route Planner to the Rider 400. However, if I add a favorite to My Places on the Rider 400, it immediately shows up in the MyDrive Route Planner!

    So why isn't My Places sync working the other way... from MyDrive Route Planner to the Rider 400?