Voice Commands: "Skip next stop" and "Answer Call" would be useful. Is it impossible to add them?

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@VikramK and @lampard

I think it would be nice to add voice commands to "Skip next stop" and "Answer Call".

I usually plan a route with a few optional visits to the gas station. However, if I don't have to refuel my car, I'd like to bypass the stop at the station. But I have to use my touch screen in order to skip next stop. Otherwise the device ask me to return to the station. Especially if such waypoint is at the end of some cul-the sac.
My device is placed on the windshield, low above the dashboard, so far in front that I can't use the touchscreen without unfastening my seat belt.

For the same reason, without touching the screen or touching the phone's keypad, I cannot answer a call from someone who is calling me while driving, even though my Go 5200 is paired with my cell phone.

Adding these two voice commands would greatly increase driving safety.

I asked about this possibility before, about four years ago, when MikkoK was the host of this forum yet. At least for "Skip next stop". And nothing came of it. Could it be impossible? Or maybe it is impossible without hardware changes to the device?



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    Hi @JacaMa
    I don't see any changes planned on our roadmap for changes to the current list of voice commands on our roadmap.
    Nevertheless, I will log this as feedback to be passed on to our Product Team.