Not able to uninstall and install map

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I'm having a problem with my GO500. I've started installing a map Europe Map which was supposed to replace the Central Europe map. The installation has been interrupted (haven't noticed my laptop is not plugged in).

When retrying the installation nothing happens. The device is accessible for the MyDrive Connect but it won't do anything, it only shows "Updating device" but there is no progress at all.

Also when going to my content, only the new, not fully installed map is being shown there but I'm not able to remove it. I check the checkbox, click remove, and then when trying to confirm, nothing happens, the window stays open.

Here is the screenshot showing that I have two maps from which one is not complete (look at the free space)

Any ideas how to fix it? I have already tried the Factory Reset and MyDrive Connect on a different computer.

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    So what I ended up doing, maybe it will help someone.

    Found some memory card, installed any map on the memory card. After this step I was able to remove the not completely installed maps from the device. Afterwards I have installed the maps on the device again and removed the memory card.