when are you planing to push trough 1075 map update to other devices

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It's been over the 6 weeks when my 6250 received "emergency" map update 1075, and I wonder when this update will be served to TT Pro 8275?

- I know that update were were created because many users were angry about Your fault putting 7.5 limit in tunnels...
- I realize that we users found where is the problem!
- I pressume that You would like to me address this this problem to UK support for PRO devices, but tell me why? Why are the victims of Your actions, and in my humble opinion this special map update shuold be served to ALL affected devices ASAP! Isn't it?
- and again when You would like address me to UK support, tell my why? Maps are downloaded directly from TT, and any support doesn't have anything to do with this!

So I will ask again, WHEN?


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    the 8275 is a Webfleet unit so make the requests https://portals.webfleet.com/s/?language=en_GB
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    Don't get it why have to ask. It is in their best interest fot this map update be available for all affected devices and most of them are the one used in truck like pro and 62xx series....