Why does it take HOURS for my TomTom sat nav to update? I have very fast internet speed, on wifi

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Why does it take HOURS for my TomTom sat nav to update? I have a very fast internet speed, using wifi. All my other services work very fast, but the TomTom updates always take hours (like dial-up speed!).
Is here anything I can do to speed things up?


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    firewall blocking
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    Hi there @Snapshooter -

    What device are you using and are you updating via the MyDrive Connect PC program? Just recently, I had been having some issues with downloading and installing updates to my GO 5100 - possibly due to an earlier MacOS version and/or my combined internet security system.
    After further investigation, the issue has now been resolved.
    Once logged into MyDrive Connect on the PC and the TomTom connected, top right of the screen is the cogwheel (settings). Click this then under the DOWNLOADS tab, untick the “Download updates on my computer” (recommended) and also make sure that the box lower down is ticked “Prevent computer from turning itself off while downloading”. Then at the bottom right, click the “Save settings” tab.
    Please let the forum know if this helps.