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Mazda nb1 sd card update



  • AngryBirdAngryBird Posts: 110 [Revered Navigator]
    @Lindzo The issue with the map download looks to be on TomTom side and should be investigated by server side team
  • LindzoLindzo Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    I thought that myself but how do you contact them to say there is an issue with it
  • AngryBirdAngryBird Posts: 110 [Revered Navigator]
    @Lindzo @VikramK should be able to assist here.
    Error is happening way before it tries to load map to SD card so it must be an issue either with client app or server and not with sd card or sd reader
  • LindzoLindzo Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    @AngryBird @VikramK
    Tried to download map again last night still getting error message map invalid seems to be issue with downloading map as all other updates download and install no problem?
  • LindzoLindzo Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    Just like to thank everyone for there help with the map download error I was getting but finally I’ve managed to download it and get the map update not sure what the problem has been as stated before I have tried on three separate computers two windows and one Mac so I decided to try another Mac and hey presto it done it no problem so thanks for everyone’s input cheers
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