why can i not connect my iPhone 12 to my GO EXPRERT, i have try every thing and watch YouTube videos

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why can i not connect my iPhone 12 to my GO EXPERT, i have try everything and watch YouTube videos


  • DougLap
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    Hi @gazzamod

    Go to settings on your iPhone.
    Tap Mobile Data and make sure Mobile Data is turned on.
    Tap Personal Hotspot in the iPhone Settings and turn it On..
    Tap Bluetooth in iPhones Settings
    Turn on the GO Expert and Go to Bluetooth in Settings and Tap Add a Phone You should see the Go Expert appear at the bottom of the iPhones Bluetooth Settings screen which you should Tap.
    Pair the 2 devices.

    The units should now work together.

    You do not need to have the My Drive App open ion your phone
    You will never be asked for the Password for the Personal Hotspot on your phone but you must have the Personal Hotspot turned On in the iPhones settings whenever it is connected to the GO Expert.

    Do you have 3 as you sim supplier by chance?