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Maps birth defects that must be fixed ASAP

SimulacraSimulacra Posts: 13 [Master Explorer]
I'm trying to fix some TomTom maps faults using MapShare tool.
I found that there are many birth defects that I'm not able to fix by myself because they caused by TomTom negligence.
Northern Ireland are developing very fast and TomTom became unreliable map provider. Unfortunately, TomTom maps are used in many built-in car navigation systems.

I speak mainly about Northern Ireland (UK) and partly about Republic of Ireland

For example
1. All locations of ATM Machines (that are marked as Cashzone at the TomTom map) are incorrect and randomly thrown on the map.
2. All Russell shops are located incorrectly. ATM Machines (Cashzones) also are not located inside the shops but displaced chaotically outside, sometimes far away from the shops.
3. All Dunnes Stores location are incorrect. I can fix 1 or 2, but there all location are wrong. The same about Sainsbury's, Tesco, Marks and Spencers, Homebase, Currys PC World, B&Q, Lidl, The Range, Spare, Post office, many of small businesses etc.
4. TomTom is not aware about Shopping Centres/Hypermarkets Car parkings. Routes typically lead us to backyards where no entrance to the parking places.
5. TomTom have POI for Dublin Airport Terminal 1 car parks but when I was here, the navigator warned me that there is no way and I must go back as soon as possible. I used signs and road markings to go in and out but TomTom was misleading and confusing. I used GPS location to get here from Dublin Airport Website.
6. Some speed warning are not correct too. In some country areas the speed limit on the single carriageway and some small built-in areas was 80 miles per hour that is not correct (should be no more than 60, could be even less because the quality of the road or 30 mph for built-in areas).
7. Locations of medical institutions are outdated or wrong or missing. their names are outdated.
8. Every time I'm going to visit a place in Northern Ireland or ROI, I check Google Maps for GPS location and use GPS coordinates to build a route. In many times I have an warning that there is no way to the point.

I'm asking TomTom to pay a serious attention to this fault and fix them ASAP as we pay a fortune for the map updates.


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    Moderators @VikramK @szachowa @lampard your comments please
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    There is a typical fault. Tesco Extra in Antrim. We can see Tesco Petrol station, which is located incorrectly, we can find Tesco ATM machine, which is far away from Tesco. And more over there is no Tesco Extra!!! The TomTom maps are so unreliable, you can take any location and you will see the same faults.

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    All ATM machines are wrongly located
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    Every single shopping centre in Northern Ireland is made incorrectly on TomTom, making the map useless rubbish.

    The community can help with map updates and fixing errors but we can do nothing in the case when maps are not built properly at the first time.

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    ATM probably were deployed on the map using an automation script that has an error. It's not possible to fix all of them manually. They should be removed and reaploaded.
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    Antrim, County Antrim. Northern Ireland

    The entire plan is wrong. There are many chaotically located duplicates with the wrong addresses.

    The 'Junction One on the map above is just a set of private houses, not the actual shopping centre, which is placed a bit lower.

    At a quick glance, we can see that the road infrastructure is wrong.

    And once again: any single shopping centre in NI is wrongly marked in TomTom, so we can't rely on the built-in navigator and should use Google Maps instead, especially when we are looking for a specific shop located here. The route to Homebase, for example, based at a shopping centre can lead into nowhere, at the middle of a carriageway, into a private house, etc.

    I paid £75 for the TomTom map and found it useless.

    So colled Junction One Leisure Park with shops and restaurants is just a dead-end leading to private houses. I marked this place as 'does not exist but the report was rejected. People in TomTom even don't verify the reports properly.

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    It's not the only case. The entire Antrim is in a big mess as well as the rest of NI
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    For ATM machines would be much better to change them from Cashzone to ATM and the category from Cash Dispenser to ATM-Automatic Teller Machine and then rename them from a confusing type like Ards Shopping Centre or Spare to ATM - Ards Shopping Centre, ATM - Spare etc., so we could distinguish a shop from an ATM. That especially makes sense because ATMs are incorrectly located.
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    That is a good example. Do the same for the UK and Ireland. All ATMs must be just ATMs and the address should be not in the title but in the corresponding field.
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    Why TT loves multiply non-existent POI?
    1. For example:
    Narvik Road in Antrim
    I got here leading by TomTom map. It just a set of dwelling houses. But it was marked as
    POI Name Junction One Leisure Park
    Road Narvik Drive
    City Antrim and Newtownabbey
    Postal Code BT41 4LN
    I drove into dead end.
    The map also shows multiple unexacted shops here:
    such as Marks & Spencer and Card Factory
    TT refused to delete all these misleading and wrong POI because of 'Insufficient Information'. Which information do you need? TT even doesn't care to make a simple factcheck.

    Antrim had MS outlet in the past. Now it closed forever. TT maps has multiple location of this closed shop in different part of the map far away from its location. TT refused to delete them.

    And I can continue telling this story but it's not about a case study, it's about how TT works and explains why we have so much rubbish on the map and how this map is becoming so useless.
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