HGV map correction

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Hi, I reported a HGV weight limit restricted road at the start of August ( e68e5eeb-b0fb-4bd0-b7ea-283e06524f52)
which has been accepted and reportedly fixed, but I'm still being directed down this restricted road. Why hasn't this ''fix'' been updated on Sat Nav devices?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Truckman13
    Welcome to the community! The correction could take 6-9 months to get rolled-out through our quarterly map update.
    I can only confirm that our core database was updated on 7th August 2021.

    Regards, Vikram
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    Powiem tylko jedno ze mapy TomTom z ograniczeniami i zakazami dla ciężarowych są jedne z najgorszych map w porównaniu z mapami innych firm większość zakazów i ograniczeń są zniesione do paru lat nie miesięcy ale w Tomtom są nadal .

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    Please go back to the map team and get a detailed explanation as to why this type of update takes sooooooo long!!
    Which is it?
    1. There are so many discrepancies that the team is overloaded?
    2. The internal verification procedure is too cumbersome?
    3. The procedure is so secretive that you can not divulge?
    4. You have some other explanation that you are willing to share

    The default being 3, so loosing the confidence of users