Tom Tom maps are so out of date with road speed limits

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Why can't Tom Tom keep up to date with road speed limits. many are years out of date.

There are so many that I come across that it would be too time consuming to use mapshare


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    TT doesn't seem to be capable to keep the speed limits up to date for a long while now and refuses to use external data, even if they are governmental like in my region.
    Even if the speed is correct in Mapshare, they won't show properly in the Go Apps. Amigo is better concerning that matter when the data is ok in Mapshare.
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    I moved from a TomTom device to the Android Go app.

    I have been so disappointed with the lack of updates. Even changes I have made show as "accepted" or "fixed" yet still do not show in the app.

    So almost every day I get the 'ping' of being 10mph over a speed limit on my dash cam.....
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    You could change the speed limit warnings to visual, have you tried reporting with the "other" method in the reporter?

    Telling them there is issues, does your city provide a database for speed limits? I am not sure how the other apps get the data.

    You could forward them that, thanks :)