Volume control not switching back to normal audio in CarPlay

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IOS 15.01 iPhone 13; when I have just alerts selected, when an alert sounds it does not switch back to normal audio after alert is complete. If I select navigation voice, when a voice command sounds it will then switch back to normal audio - but if I again switch to alerts only the next time I receive an alert it will again not switch back from navigation audio volume to normal audio. Even if I select “no audio” it remains on navigation audio.


  • RJD
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    Another addition - when map up in dashboard with no route selected and receive alerts it also hangs up the volume on the navigation voice volume I have to select my music app only then it releases then I can go back to dashboard and get alerts without a route in place.
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    I can confirm the first one, pausing music and start again (waiting with pause one second) will put it back to normal audio level. It's with all the alert audio. All beeps sound and then the audio goes to low level but does not return. It's not bound to IPhone 13, also with XR and 2020 SE I noticed this. Maybe it's with iOS 15.0/15.0.1.
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    Thanks Grimlock you are correct no matter what mode I have selected every time an alert occurs it remains locked on the navigation volume until I get a voice announcement or do something different- I will try the pause music "workaround" next time. Definitely a bug here!
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    Same here, no difference when playing music on radio or Spotify or Apple Music, the volume doesn't come back after a spoken voice instruction.
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    Same here!
  • Meldrew61
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    Same here too. I have found pressing the Voice Call button on steering wheel until it beeps and then pressing again to cancel then restores to normal volume but it is still a very annoying bug. Please fix it TomTom.
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    iOS 15.01, iPhone 12 Pro Max same issue. Issue not there with Google And Apple Maps
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    I’m having the same problem with my iPhone XS with iOS 15.02. OK with voice direction until a waning eep is sounded then I have a long delay until music starts again.
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    I’m having the same problem with my iPhone 12 with iOS 15.02
  • Azons
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    Can confirm, the issue is only with allerts. The carplay system goes from music audio to speech audio when giving alerts or instructions. With alerts it keep stuck with speech audio untill system is turned off and on again. On instructions is goes back to music audio again automatically. Also when this bug appears and I change my volume the hole carplay system crashes till it automatically reboots

    Got VW audio system using apple carplay 210.81 if that helps.

    And using iOS 15.1 beta 4
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    Same here. Very annoying when travelling on motorway with speed cameras every few miles and having to pause music then play just to re-establish volume level after TT warning sound.
    Using iPhone with CarPlay to Android head unit on a BMW.
    IPhone 12 Mini iOS15.02. TT App 2.7.2
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    Can confirm, i have the same problem whit the audio volume!!
  • RJD
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    App update to 2.8 on 15.1 has resolved this issue for me…. Yay!
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