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No Traffic on new Citroen Relay

Little Old MeLittle Old Me Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
The RDS is not updating on the TomTom built into our new Citroen Relay. The dealer doesn't know why and can't find out, hopeless. All we get is the updating icon on the traffic bar for 30 seconds and then a message that says the traffic information is currently unavailable.

Speaking to people on the Facebook groups I am told that Citroen stops giving out the 3 year subscriptions in 2019 and now you need to sort your own out but no one knows exactly how. Any ideas on how we subscribe to this service and/or make it work on this head unit? Thanks...


  • Little Old MeLittle Old Me Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I am in shock at a conversation I just had with support and want to check I understand this correctly. My new Citroen Relay (Jumper) van has TomTom built into the dash. It has the speed cameras and traffic services. Speed cameras work fine but the traffic services do not work.

    I have just been told that they will never work because the hardware is not capable and the only reason the menu option for the traffic service is on my van is that TomTom was too lazy to delete it from the software!

    Is this really how low the standards at TomTom have dropped?

    I will be taking the head unit out and popping in an Android Auto one like my car. Google maps will have to do because I need traffic services. I wonder if TomTom will ever be allowed an Android Auto app?
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