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TOM TOM 25.... map update keeps failing .. 'oops something went wrong'

I have lifetime updates for the Canada, US and Mexico maps
I connect fine to MyDrive Connect
I click on update and it downloads ok.. gets to 100% then tries to update my connected device... my device connects and says its updating... then I get 'Oops something went wrong' message... try again
Have tried this numerous times with same result.
I've even emptied the download folder each time
This is really frustrating .... why is this not updating and why is there not a better message to say what actually is going wrong and not some stupid 'Oops' message ??


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 1,130 [Exalted Pioneer]
    install map to sd card
  • andy_mcfarlane61andy_mcfarlane61 Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thanks for the reply... and I did try to find a way to do that, but it doesn't come up with any option to install onto the SD card. If that is the solution can you advise on how I get that option ?
    To clarify ... my 16mb SD card can be seen when connected to MyDrive... (it shows as 16mb free) but I cannot see any way to 'force' the update to go onto the SD card
    Thanks again
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,711 Moderator
    Hi @andy_mcfarlane61
    Welcome to the community! I have activated a small map of Mexico for your TomTom. Could you try to install this to the internal memory and see if the installation goes through?

  • andy_mcfarlane61andy_mcfarlane61 Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Vikram.. many thanks for that and yes I can confirm that did work... although it installed it to the remaining space on my internal drive. So I guess that proves that the Tom Tom is working ok... but for some reason even though it can see my additional SD card I do not get any option to update or install any maps on the SD card.
    Do I have to do something additional to the card for it to work, even though the card can be seen on MyDrive Connect ?
    Also, since I added the small Mexico map I then tried to delete the USA/Canada/Mexico map that is already installed to see if I could just install it from fresh... but selecting it and clicking on 'delete selected' does nothing... is that because that map is the basis of my package and therefore it won't delete ?
    At the end of the day I really just want my USA/Canada/Mexico map to update as it is now 5 years out of date :(
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,711 Moderator
    Hi @andy_mcfarlane61
    Could you remove the memory card and then try deleting the older version of USA_Canada_Mexico map?
    With the single Mexico map installed on the internal memory, ideally MyDrive Connect should be able to remove/delete the older map.

    Thanks, Vikram

  • andy_mcfarlane61andy_mcfarlane61 Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Hi Vikram... I still couldn't delete ... but when I removed the SD card it was only the outdated original map that was loaded onto the internal drive.... not showing the Mexico map you asked me to try installing.

    So I uninstalled MyDrive Connect, cleared my cache and then re-installed.

    This time the Mexico map showed.... but as installed on the SD card.

    I tried once more to install the update to the original map... but that failed again... but I see the updated map is now bigger than 4mb and as it is on the internal drive which has a capacity of only 4mb I guess that is why it is failing.

    I then noticed that I now have 3 new map options that weren't there before (US/Canada.. USA Zone and Mexico)... perhaps I now see them because I removed then re-installed MyDrive connect ?

    I have managed to successfully install the USA/Canada map and the US Zone map alongside the Mexico map onto the SD card.

    So at least I now have the latest up to date maps on the SD card... and these are what I need.....but no matter what I do I cannot delete or update the original outdated map that is on my internal drive... rendering the internal drive useless.

    Thanks again for your time and help

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