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Saterday 2 of october 2021 in the evening I was traveling from Zuid Beierland to Ter Aar. I know the route, but I'm using the TomTom for roadblocks and traffic jams.
I also knew that the Haringvlietbridge was blocked. I was supprised that I wasn't directed to the highway. So I took the normal route and discovered that on the highway the roadblock was set in TomTom just behind the entrence. This blocks it in the software!!! The same happens on the N11 near Alphen. The block was set to soon so TomTom couldn't use the Alphen exit.
I'm using TomTom to avoid this. By the way Google maps didn't made these mistakes.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Akman
    Would it be possible for you to send me those locations using MyDrive web? I can will send it to my team to be reviewed...
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    Sorry but that doesn't work. Can't login in Mydrive web and can't send a location. I think that your team has to be more accurate with setting roadblocks. Don't let them pass the highway entry and let it start just beyond a exit.
    I made screenshots.