Koleos 2010 "System not configured. Please connect diagnostic tool"

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My Carminat has this message stuck on the display. :'( This is all I can see, though one time earlier this week something about AU or NZ flashed up on the screen momentarily.

So far I have tried to restore the system myself to no avail.

I made a back-up of all the files on the SD Card to my computer and then reformatted the card to FAT32. When I insert the blank card in my Carminat, it says something about initiliasing the card, then 'Your card is ready to be used with TomTom Home'.

The problem is, when I put it in my PC (Windows 10), it opens normally in Windows Explorer but TomTom Home says there is no device connected.

I have tried other approaches too. I tried restoring the original backup to the card but then deleted the loop directory folder. When I insert it into the Carminat, it says "Your card is now ready to be used with TomTom Home', but again, TomTom Home doesn't recognise it.

Does anyone know what I could possibly do? I just want the system working!


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    I don't think it's a Carminat GPS installed on a 2010 Koleos

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    Oh ok my bad, but anyway, I am happy to report I made some progress and it doesn't seem like the TomTom Home application is at fault.

    It seems like it was a faulty Renault SD Card.

    I was able to format a new SD card, initialise it in the car and then do the updates on this new card. Now the nav screen shows a clock and the temperature when the radio is switched on (definitely an improvement over the error message from earlier). GPS controls are not working however so I can't access anything.

    My next step is going to be to check if both of the fuses for the Bose system are working and replace them if necessary. Fingers crossed.
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    Fuse made no difference.

    Now it has reverted to the same error message. "System not configured. Please connect diagnostic tool"

    But depending on if I reformat the card and restore backup, start the system without the card and then insert the card (random things like this), it sometimes shows only the clock and temperature. Otherwise it's the same message.
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    Sorry for the bombardment of messages. I realised that the application and maps weren't even installed to the device. I was able to use an old backup and put the maps back on the card, which TomTom Home recognises.

    Then, I tried to add the application itself to the card which is 8.843. When I put it in the car, it installed the application successfully.

    But after that, it now shows the same screen :#

    Something strange: when I select "Install Items from Computer', everything is added to the device and then disappears from the list, EXCEPT for Carminat TomTom. Does this mean it is not installing properly to the card?

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    This unit needs autoconfig by renault dealership or someone who knows how to do it.
    I can help to anybody in Northern Ireland