How much more putrid can the map quality and navigation intelligence get?

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Welcome to my world. I'm a heavy vehicle driver - coaches and semis - for which I purchased the 620 Professional, supposedly a specialised unit for heavy vehicles in Australia.

Sadly, it has no idea what a bus route is, or a special bus lane or busway. Even if you say you are in a bus, it won't route you down bus routes. Even if you save your own route (like a school bus route) it won't let you follow the track that you recorded the day before - it will instead try to take you back to a main road.

Then, it doesn't understand that U-Turns at traffic lights are, generally, illegal in Australia. Not to mention bloody difficult to do in a 14.5m-long coach or in a 18m semi. Last night it tried to get me to do a u-turn on Parramatta Rd in Western Sydney - one of the most densely-travelled roads in the country - in the middle of afternoon peak.

Next we get to light-traffic roads, which are important if you are in a heavy vehicle, especially a large one. The number of major roads that are erroneously marked as light traffic is astonishing. So is the number of actual light-traffic roads that are not.

As for the route intelligence - there is none. It will take you on a route that is 3x longer just to keep you on a "major" road rather than using the road you are already on to get to your destination which is at the other end of the same road. That's if it even has the "new" 3-year-old road in its database and you are fortunate enough that it actually has any street numbers for the road (although they are likely to be up to a kilometre out of place).

Finally we come to the last map "upgrade". This has now marked the M1 Motorway (formerly F3 Freeway between Sydney and Gosford) as a "light traffic" road from the Hawkesbury River to Mt White. The M1 is THE primary national motorway around Australia. Subsequently, it tried to take me on a 300km+ odyssey via Singleton to get from Sydney to Wyong (105km trip). hvudeayjdiif.jpg

This absolutely pathetic failure to conduct even the most basic quality control shows just how far TomTom has fallen, from being one of the premiere navigation brands to being a useless piece of junk that is more likely to get me fired or fined than it is to get my to my destination.

And I look around and nobody at TomTom cares. Nobody responds to your enquiries, they never fix map reports, just nothing.