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Go Discover My Places and POIs

TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
Is it possible to manage a TomTom GO Discover using MyDrive Connect in the same way as with previous models? Also, there does not seem to be any way of loading my personal POIs (desinations) compiled over many years from my PC to the My Places folder of the GO Discover. Is this possible, and if not is it intended that this capability will be added?


  • Willy875Willy875 Posts: 2,317 [Exalted Pioneer]
    The GO Discover is not yet compatible with MyDrive connect for updates it is only in Wi-Fi
  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thank you Willy 875 for your reply. Regrettably, you have not really answered my questions. It would seem my 2 questions were not sufficiently detailed for you to fully understand what I wanted to know. I will try to express myself better below, starting with a bit of history.
    I am a 15 year plus user of various TomTom devices. Over the years I have built up a substantial library of personal POIs, which I keep in appropriately labelled folders.
    Using the GO 1005 it was possible to create these folders and manage my personal POIs on the device. Easy!
    Using the GO 6200 that functionality was lost. However, I wanted to continue using and managing my lists of personal POIs. I found that by using the Smartest Route Planner in MyDrive Connect it was possible to manage both my personal POIs and the folders they were in on my PC, and then transfer them to my device. I must admit that I struggled with this initially and could not make it work reliably, having many exchanges in the TomTom forums on how this might best be achieved. In the end, the forums provided lots of ideas but little practical help and I solved the problem for myself by sorting the list of POIs in each of my folders by name in ascending order (not suggested by any of the forums experts). It now works perfectly.
    I must admit I consider the software associated with the GO 6200, in terms of POI functionality at least, to be a serious retrograde step compared to the GO 1005. It is necessary to use third party software (I use POI Editor for TomTom) to build and manage the contents of POI folders on the GO 6200. The folders can then be imported into the Smartest Route Planner in MyDrive Connect on my PC, and subsequently exported to the device. Complicated, yes. Progress, definitely not.
    Now the GO Discover, would appear to have reduced this functionality still further, and I am searching for a way to use my library of POIs in their appropriate folders.
    When I open MyDrive Connect on my PC it shows the 3 devices I have referred to above. If I click on the GO Discover icon, it simply opens a splash screen telling me how to update my device the easy way. There does not appear to be any way to open the Smartest Route Planner, which I would like to do. Interestingly, I can still open the Smartest Route Planner by clicking on the icon associated with my GO 6200. Moreover, any additions I make in My Places Favourites on the GO 6200 subsequently appear on the GO Discover.
    Regrettably, I am not sure that gaining access to the Smartest Route Planner with the GO Discover will necessarily solve my problems, because although my personal folders of POIs appear under My Places POI Files on the GO 6200 they are not there on the GO Discover.
    The reason I posted to the Forum yesterday was that I am trying to gain access to and use my existing personal POI folders on my new GO Discover.
    While the hardware of my various TomTom devices over the years has always met my expectations and new models have made useful improvements over earlier models, the same cannot be said of the software which seems to go backwards. The software now seems to be aimed more and more at novice and undemanding users, and the functionality which allowed “serious” users to adapt the devices to meet their needs has gradually been removed.
    Similarly, over time the advertising on the TomTom website and the user’s manuals have become less and less informative. There is no indication associated with the advertising for the GO Discover that the software has been simplified to the extent that it appears long-standing functionality is now gone.
    I hope the purpose of my questions yesterday is clarified by the above. I repeat the questions.
    Is it possible to manage a TomTom GO Discover using MyDrive Connect in the same way as with previous models? Also, there does not seem to be any way of loading my personal POIs (destinations) compiled over many years from my PC to the My Places folder of the GO Discover. Is this possible and, if not, is it intended that this capability will be added?
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,834
    Hi @TonyS

    The GO Discover units do not have the ability to accept 3rd Party POI files like the GO1005 or GO6200 that you have .

    If you have added the GO Discover to the same account as your GO6200 it will sync My Places and My Routes to match those you see on the GO6200. You should note however that if someone is using the GO6200 and is in mid journey if you create a route on the GO Discover and start to use it the GO6200 will change to the same route without the user being aware. You can stop this happening by logging out of My Drive on Either or both units whilst in use and only log in when the connection is needed.

    Tomtom have not, and will not, indicate if they intend to add the ability to load POI files on the GO Discover units.

  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thank you Doug,
    Regrettably you have confirmed my worst fears. It seems I have just wasted a lot of money.
    Shame on you TomTom.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,834
    Hi @TonyS

    Thought so. It should be remembered that this has happened before, when they released the GO50/500/5000 range if I remember correctly, and eventually TT added the functionality to those and the subsequent devices. Let us hope that will also happens with the new units.

  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Doug,
    Let us hope so. To be frank, despite the superb hardware, the GO Discover is of very little value to me without POI functionality. Are you listening TomTom? There is a whole community out here who want more than an imitation of Google Maps. We can get that from Google for free. We pay for more functionality, but you keep taking it away!!
  • EltonElton Posts: 26 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    TonyS wrote: »
    Hi Doug,
    Let us hope so. To be frank, despite the superb hardware, the GO Discover is of very little value to me without POI functionality. Are you listening TomTom? There is a whole community out here who want more than an imitation of Google Maps. We can get that from Google for free. We pay for more functionality, but you keep taking it away!!

    Nothing I can add to help answer the question and hope you may find some workaround, but isn't it rather excessive to expect a satnav device to store 15 years worth of personal POI's?
    Yes, I understand that your previous model may have done this but, should newer models have to pander to these extremes?
  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Elton, thanks for your comment.

    It is intriguing to me that you are almost making me out to be the villain of the piece for expecting a new "improved" device to have at least the same capability as its predecessors. I do not think for one minute that my requirement for POI functionality is "rather excessive", or that providing it would be pandering to extremes. TomTom's have had this capability for at least the last 15 years, since a time when the device memory and processors were much more constrained by cost and capability than they are now. The villain of this piece is, to my mind, new software designed to be simpler to use and aimed primarily to meet the needs of occasional or novice users, now ignoring the needs of those with more demanding requirements.

    As it happens, my list of personal POIs is not extensive, and no doubt could be trimmed a bit if necessary. However, it is now not possible to use them at all, or to use other third-party POI lists, simply because the functionality has been removed from the software. Worse, this has been done without any indication to purchasers of new GO Discover devices that this functionality is no longer available, and therefore they should save their hard-earned money - or buy an older generation device.

    The new GO Discover hardware is excellent and the maps are clear. Apart from that, I can achieve very similar functionality for free by plugging my mobile phone into the car and using Android Auto (Apple Carplay works in a similar way) to put Google maps on the instrument display.

    I strongly disagree with your comments, Elton.

    TomTom, please give us back the POI functionality. It should be relatively simple to slot the existing GO 6200 POI software module back into the GO Discover software. It can be hidden in the menu under My Places as before, without changing the layout or functionality of the device main navigation screen or making the device any more difficult or noticeably different for a novice to use.

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,058
    edited October 1
    Elton wrote: »
    Nothing I can add to help answer the question and hope you may find some workaround, but isn't it rather excessive to expect a satnav device to store 15 years worth of personal POI's?
    Yes, I understand that your previous model may have done this but, should newer models have to pander to these extremes?
    +1 For 3rd Party and Personal POI Categories on the GO Discover....

    I use 107 assorted 3rd Party and Personal POI Categories...
    What is seen as extremes to one user, are the essential requirements for another....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • EltonElton Posts: 26 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    @TonyS and @YamFazMan

    Thanks for your comments. Clearly there is a need from some members to have POI's in numbers. It is not for me and I wrote from a personal perspective and thought 15 years worth was excessive and out of remit for a modern piece of equipment that provides directional options.
    Many recent technological advances [if I may call them that eg MS Windows] are not backwards compatible with software that ran on previous platforms ... I did not expect the TomTom to be otherwise.
    It was not my intention to be insulting [although I can see how I might have]; my apologies to TonyS.
  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Elton,
    Many thanks for your reply. You have a point regarding backward compatability of software which can be a problem. There was an obvious complete new software package for the 6200 series compared to the 1005 for example, and it would have been unrealistic to expect a direct read across in terms of funtionality or capability, especially initially. The GO Discover, however, is quite clearly using most of the same software that is used in the 6200. The menu system behind the main navigation screen is for all practical purposes identical. The removal, rather than the retention, of the POI functionality was a deliberate choice by TomTom. I am sure I am far from alone in wanting it back. I am prepared to pay for a dedicated navigation system provided it offers me something more than I can get from Google for free. For me, it was the expectation that my new device would have POI functionality that made spending my cash worthwhile.
    Best wishes,
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 291 [Supreme Pioneer]

    When I migrated from Garmin to TomTom back in August 2016 the way that POIs were handled was a large shock to my system …….. :s

    I too had amassed a large variety of POI’s over the years and was frustrated that I could not use the “Send Destination / Stops from MyDrive” to the device unless I made each address in my POI sets as a Favourite / My Places…………… :/

    I then found that my Device screen was cluttered with large Blue Stars………….

    And searching for a POI category meant scrolling past the large list of My Places!

    Catch 22. :o

    I almost gave up and went back to Garmin, but did persevere although the number of ongoing issues I have with TomTom really makes me wonder why not !!!

    I did temporarily buy a Go 1005 to see how POI’s etc. were handled previously and can understand the frustration of the longer term TomTom users as the newer devices were a massive step backwards re POI handling. If that Go 1005 had a larger screen, was quicker in operation it would have been ideal…… B)

    With the passing of time both manufacturers have improved……. with regard to the number of ‘built in’ POI’s on our PND’s or ‘available to search online’ such that some of my historic POI sets are no longer required. Plus my hobbies / activities have also changed over the years so I can further prune down the number of POI’s sets I use.

    I have been evaluating the Go Discover and although it has a much larger and clearer display have not found it significantly faster overall than my Go Premium X; movement between menu choices is however a lot snappier. Seeing local Fuel prices (up to 10km) is a nicety, Car Parking Capacity information is currently not working at all (under investigation by TT Care Team / Developers).

    The lack of POI import is a large irritation but the most serious defect is the reduced Traffic Delay Horizon (also under investigation by the TT Care Team / Developers) and unless it is cured, makes the Go Discover for me, absolutely not fit for purpose.

    There is a way, albeit it’s a bit convoluted of getting Single POI’s into MyDrive to then transfer the POI to your Go Discover as either a Destination or to save it to My Places etc…………………… B)

    It basically involves opening then exporting the POI file as a GPX file using ITN Converter and then opening the GPX file in MyDrive via My Routes – Do Not hit the Button to "Finish the route"

    At first I could not easily "Send Destination" to my PND - But if you zoom in on the Map and then very carefully centre the mouse on a numbered POI by Right Clicking the mouse it is possible to select "Send Destination" (or save to My Places etc) to the PND.

    This was discovered by @nabu and is covered in more detail on this thread, which also includes another method favoured by @Lochfrass of transferring POIs using an App on an Android phone (not tested as I use an Iphone) :

    “How to import favorets in mydrive MAP”
  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 16,437
    Lost_Soul wrote: »
    ...... another method favoured by @Lochfrass of transferring POIs using an App on an Android phone (not tested as I use an Iphone) :

    My colleagues with Iphone use the App Poi Viewer.
    It seems to work similar to Android
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 291 [Supreme Pioneer]

    Thank you, the app looks interesting; I will investigate further . =)
  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Lost_Soul,

    Thanks for your informative and supportive reply.

    I agree, my GO 1005 handled POIs much better than the GO 6200 that superseded it. Even so, I migrated to using the GO 6200 seduced by the larger screen and better representation of the traffic situation. I managed to make POIs work on the GO 6200, in much the same way you did by storing my POI sets in My Places. That meant keeping Favourites to an absolute minimum, since it was necessary to scroll past them to get to my POI folders.

    So much for the good news. My new GO Discover should have superseded the GO 6200, and my ageing eyes would have loved the larger screen. However, the GO Discover is simply not fit for my purposes. It is now back in its box, useless, until such time as TomTom give it MyDrive connectivity and a third-party POI capability. In the meantime, I continue to use the GO 6200 warts and all. It is frustrating and time consuming to have to use third-party software to modify my POI sets, before importing them to my GO 6200 using MyDrive. At least it can be done.

    Some including TomTom may wonder why I need my own POIs. Let me explain by giving an example. I belong to two walking groups and about twice a week go walking with friends in Southern England. Not too surprisingly, we try to ring the changes and walk different walks as much as possible. Thus, we don’t revisit parking places very frequently. Mostly, these parking places are out in the countryside where there are no post codes or addresses to help us find them. Only very rarely do they appear on the TomTom maps. So, to help me drive to them and find them, I have a library (a folder of POIs) of previously used car parking spots out in the countryside across Southern England. For those of you who don’t know the area, countryside car parking spots that connect with the public footpath network are rare things.

    So that other walkers in the groups can also find these parking spots and we can rendezvous prior to a walk, I provide them with the details. In recent times, I have from time-to-time distributed USB sticks containing a folder with updated lists of parking spots. Walkers could import these to their TomToms using MyDrive. It was much easier in the days of the GO 1005, of course, when all I had to do was give them the coordinates.

    Please TomTom, or anyone, do tell me how I am supposed to find these parking spots using Search on my new GO Discover? Because the parking places we use are out in the countryside, they frequently do not have either post codes or addresses. Zooming in on the TomTom map does not help because they are rarely shown, nor would I expect them to be. The only way I have found to define them is using geographical coordinates. I use latitude and longitude which I derive from Ordnance Survey topographical maps. The GO 1005 and earlier TomTom models would allow the input of these coordinates, but the GO 6200 and GO Discover do not.

    It is not as though the international geographic coordinate system is changing frequently and therefore needs continual updates. The system has been essentially the same for many hundreds of years. The methodology and functionality were included in earlier TomTom models when processor power and memory were at a premium, but TomTom has seen fit to deliberately remove the capability from its most recent models and much more powerful models. Why? As long as MyDrive could be used to import POIs to fill the void, things were marginally acceptable. Now that MyDrive is no longer accessible from the GO Discover and third-party POI functionality has also been removed, it is not.

    Come on TomTom. Users pay for your devices to gain more functionality than they can get using their mobile phones for free. It is difficult to see a long-term future for TomTom if you take away the capabilities that some users still want or need.

    I am now on my fifth TomTom. All the previous models had a third-party POI capability. My new TomTom GO Discover is of no value to me at all without this functionality. Unless it is reintroduced, I will never buy another TomTom or recommend anyone else to do so. If TomTom really wants to provide a serious aid to navigation and ensure the company’s long-term survival, then they need to listen to needs of its users, and re-introduce third-party POIs and other lost capabilities such as the ability to input geographical coordinates for example.

  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 291 [Supreme Pioneer]

    I too have a similar requirement as yourself as typically we often visit locations in rural countryside late at night where accuracy is needed due to landmarks not being visible and just using a post code can result in being sent up to ½ mile away – No fun searching for an unlit village hall in the dark. :s

    Before making my journey I use a combination of tools including satellite view, Google Street View and from their maps identify my chosen location and will then make a note of the exact latitude and longitude or “Mapcode”.

    See www.mapcode.com

    You can input the latitude and longitude into a TomTom - You should be able to do the same on your 6200 (I upgraded from the 6200 to a Go Premium) if you go to “Search” then on the Right hand side of the screen it says “Whole Map” Tap that and you will get a sub menu that will allow you to input “Latitude Longitude”.

    I dislike using coordinates taking too long to input into a device (my wife’s car is murder, but I have to persevere as it’s the only way to get an accurate location for her!) and much prefer using Mapcodes which coincidentally was developed in 2001 by TomTom's Pieter Geelen and Harold Goddijn, although they do not seem to promote it much these days but our devices and MyDrive will still accept the codes ……….. =) It works internationally too as FRA 4J.Q2 takes you to the entrance to the elevator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

    (The Ambulance and other emergency services have been promoting the use of What3Words, a similar system to Mapcode but it does not operate as I understand on our PND’s devices although it interfaces with the Go Navigation App on a smartphone.)

    This is the Mapcode for a “single car parking space” in the local village school staff car park :


    I think it’s much easier than latitude, longitude: 51.706113, -0.376265 B)
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,834
    Hi @TonyS @Lost_Soul

    Just to add for those that have not used the Mapcode App on the phone when in Hybrid map mode you can move around a Google Earth Satellite type map and find a Mapcode for an exact position. Having found the place you want you can cut and paste the Mapcode or Long/Lat details to Search in the TT Nav App.

  • TonySTonyS Posts: 46 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Lost_Soul and DougLap,

    Thank you for both for your helpful and informative replies.

    You are right Lost_Soul, Latitude and Longitude inputs are available as you say on the TomTom GO 6200 and in a similar location also on the TomTom GO Discover. I stand corrected. My apologies to TomTom and to anyone else I may have misled with my statements to the contrary.

    At least, I have now found that it is possible using the GO Discover for me to define and find locations out in the countryside without needing post codes or formal addresses.
    Unfortunately, that solves only a small part of the problem, as I still cannot store multiple destinations in a convenient POI folder on the GO Discover where they will be available for me to use next time that I want them. Of course, I could create a long list in My Places, but that would soon become cluttered up with destinations that I want to retain but only use infrequently. Therefore, my desire for POI functionality on the GO Discover is undiminished.

    I hear what you say about Latitude and Longitude being cumbersome. I was driven to use it when building POI sets for my GO 6200 because that is the format used for the .ov2 files used by the POI Editor for TomTom, and presumably therefore by the TomTom devices themselves. As it happens, although Latitude and Longitude is cumbersome, I am very familiar and comfortable with it, as I am an ex-RAF navigator and used it routinely for years.

    I am also familiar with the What3Words software, which I have on my mobile phone for emergency use when out with the walking groups. It is extremely simple to use, but I am not sure whether it could be made to dovetail with the TomTom software. How about it, TomTom?

    I had never previously heard of Mapcode. I followed the link - thank you - and see it too is simple to use and works worldwide. Perhaps that makes it of more potential use for an international PND. I will try it and see how that goes. Thanks DougLap for the extra pointers.

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