2011 Renault Scenic Carminat stuck in reboot loop

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I own a 2011 Renault Scenic 3 which has a Carminat Sat nav unit built into the dashboard.
I went out on the car yesterday and the display was normal showing the map moving as I was driving (the unit turns on when the radio is on) with no route active.
About half way through the journey my eye was caught by the screen changing colour. When I looked, it was showing the egg-timer which then went to the Renault boot up screen. This was followed by the egg timer again followed by the boot up screen again. This continues as the car is being driven.
It’s a bit of a pain as my wife uses it to set her Disabled Parking badge time of arrival indicator as the same screen also shows the time when the device is active.
I have seen the post where somebody had issues during updating their system, but my one seems different as when I put the card into my laptop, the TomTom home displays a message saying the card has errors which cannot be repaired by Home.
In Files on the PC itself, it does show the card’s name (eventually) but I cannot access the card to see what’s on it.
I think I may need to get a replacement card.
I don’t know what size the original card is but it is my understanding that it should be an SD card and not an SDHC card.
Also, once i have one, is it just a simple case of downloading the files to the new card?
I’ve seen replies which suggest just formatting the card (which I can’t do as I can’t access it) and downloading the files onto it, formatting the new card (both in FAT and FAT32) and then putting it into the Carminat so it puts two files into the card and then putting it into the pc to download the maps, and also just delete and reinstall the maps (which again, I can’t do)


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    I forgot to add the instruction booklet mentions the ‘new’ live services. The SD card is the white sticker which one which has ‘United Kingdom Ireland 25920 4051 R’ printed on it.
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    Hi @Brigbeale

    Welcome to the community!
    The list of compatible memory cards is available on our support article here-https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013900980

    However, before you change the memory card I would recommend that you try restoring the device using TomTom HOME.

    Steps available here - https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013961519

    Regards, Vikram
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    I have tried restoring the card in both of my PC’s but although both will detect the presence of a card, they will not show the name or read the card itself. I noticed on the back of the card in small print, it reads AF2GSD, so I take it as being a 2gb SD. It’s looking more like I will need a replacement card. The link from above confirms I can only use SD cards and not SDHC cards.
    Now, do I have to use a 2GB SD card or can I go larger, say a 4GB SD card?
    Also, some SD cards are being sold on eBay. I was tempted to buy one but I read somewhere that there may be problems when a second hand card is placed the Carminat. Is this the case?
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    Oh, I nearly forgot. Without the card inserted, the Carminat itself powers up, gives the safety warning and then displays a message saying the card is missing, The time is now displayed.
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    A used Sd card will not work a new Sd card with cartography yes

    the maximum accepted on Carminat is 8 GB

    What you can do

    1 / Buy a virgin SD of 8 GB maximum (format in FAT 32 if it is not new)
    2 / The place in the GPS.
    3 / Turn on the carminate which will copy 2 files necessary for its recognition.
    4 / Eject the card with the button provided and remove the card.
    5 / On the computer insert the card and start Tomtom Home
    6 / Log in to your Tomtom Home account (email address + password) that will be associated with this card.
    7 / Then via Tomtom Home or via the site you bought a recent map of France or Europe

    Or maps will soon be available on the Tomtom website

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    I purchased a 2gb SD card and formatted it to FAT32. I then put the card in the Carminat and waited until it displayed “No maps found!”. Trying to use the remote to eject the card wouldn’t work as whenever a button was pressed, a blue box top right of the screen would appear with “No maps found!” again. So I switched off the radio (which also activates the Carminat, switched off the ignition by removing the car’s key card and opening the drivers door. I then took the card out and put it in my computer which showed a file had been placed on the card. I opened TomTom Home and after I signed in, I was asked to connect the system, which I did. I updated and downloaded the voices easily enough. A second pass of the update put the uk/Ireland Map back on the card which works in the Carminat. I noticed though I have an arrow head as the position marker. I would like to put it back to having my Scenic icon, but when I go to set it, I get the message saying that no photos are available.
    Is this the case or am I missing something?