Updating map scam?

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I have just a strange experience when trying to update my GO5100 device. I went to the TomTom website, where a box appeared asking for my contact details - they phoned me back and said that I coudl not do the update online but that they had to do it as I had not updated for a while. the operator then asked me for remote access to teh laptop which I allowed. THe laptop then kept disconnecting, so I moved to a desktop. teh operator then said that most of my drivers were not working and that my virus protection did not work on Windows 10 (I have since verified this is not the case), and that TomTom has an agreement with Microsoft to provide protection, giving me prices for 3yrs, 7yrs and lifetime. I did not accept! Is this really TomTom or is it some sort of scam? I woudl stress that I got to it via the TomTom website. Many thanks.


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    It is a scam the site is to report @Luca
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    Been caught the same, used the website as displayed on my SatNav, it all seemed convincing, same that my virus protection only worked on windows 8 and not 10. I have an invoice from Map Update Center LLP (I should have realised that Center is not spelt correct) with item TOMTOM UK. I've managed to stop payment and my PC is in for repair, at no time did I think I was not talking to Tom Tom.