Tomtom GO 5200 does not work.

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My Tomtom GO 5200 EU45 (purchased 06/08/2017) suddenly stopped working. Connected to the computer (plugged into the car socket it just didn't work) for a few hours, then it restarted but the battery seems dead. Can I just throw it away?


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    Changing the battery on the web there are batteries and videos to change the battery.
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    Please, check the cord and the charger, you are using, first. I had recently situation, that I have helped to other driver with navigation, with my GO 5200 (I was a passenger in his car), and finally my battery was exhausted. He offered me some Micro-USB cord plugged into some USB socked in his car, but my GO didn't restart (despite it was indicating, before its fall, that it is charging). After coming back to our temporary base I have used, finally, the TT-made cord and "wall charger", and my GO 5200 battery was recharged properly, and the device works again.