TomTom Go Premium - Route Planning Disaster

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Bought 17/09/21. Updates re software etc done. Glowing reviews on YouTube etc. These are all inaccurate. No mention of route planning problems re direction down narrow country lanes. Unaware of this two days ago I drove 210 mile round trip from Hunmanby near Filey to Whaplode in Lincolnshire. This satnav took me down every single track road possible, presumably as it calculated it to be the fastest route(as selected). Most were full of large potholes, some with dangerous blind bends. As others have commented, some roads selected to cut across diagionally to avoid a slightly longer distance by remaining on the main road.

This was the worst driving experience I have had with a satnav in 13 years. During this time I have used a Garmin Nuvi which has never done this routing. What I thought was going to be an upgrade has proved a disaster. After reading the discussions on TomTom Community I know I am not going to get any answers from TomTom. This has been a fault since at least 2018 and therefore will not be corrected. Therefore 9 days after purchase this device is now on EBay and my 2013 Garmin Nuvi 2545 is back in action. These companies get away with this as there is always another sucker who does not know the faults. After all, if the reviews are not accurate, and I believe every reviewer is not doing the job for the benefit of others, but themselves, you have to question what the motive is. Satnav's today are mostly dependent on smartphone links for live traffic, thereby appealing to the younger age group and keeping the cost down by not putting a sim card in (a more costly option):and then adding on voice recognition software that is questionably inaccurate.

My advice, buy a Garmin.


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    Just as a counter-argument, I have never experienced this with any TomTom device, including the Premium I have been using for the last few months, but I have with the Garmin Nuvi I used to own, being sent on diagonal cut-throughs like you have described. My current Premium is the best satnav I have owned, and gives me accurate, sensible route planning with working live traffic every time, without any need to be hooked up to my smartphone.

    Just my opinion, and no, I don’t work for TomTom.
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    Just my opinion but I think the route planning is terrible too.
    My go 6200 used to take me down stupidly narrow lanes with grass growing up the middle and I have been very close to disaster a few times so yeah it does it to me too.
    Have just bought the go 6250 professional so i can tell it i'm a truck to hopefully avoid the stupid single track roads...needs to be some way of avoiding single track roads like we can motorways as they are quite dangerous to drive on