Please bring back the old ALG

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The ALG found in v1.8 was just fantastic. The one in v3.x is bad very bad.
Yesterday I there were two offramps that started at the same point. Maybe not even offramps but more like a fork.
From the main road 2 lanes bend off right, another 2 lanes bend off right even more.
It's totally unclear which lane to take. TomTom draws an ugly fat line but it's not really visible where.
While the new ALG look bad in every instance, in this case it was extremely bad. Part of the problem is that the lanes bend of very slowly I think.


  • cruiZer
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    That TomTom blurs the other road isn't very helpful either.
    The whole user interface, the way the main display looks is a major step backward.
    The new search for things like shops instead of just addresses is a huge improvement.
    The frequent map updates are nice to.

    If I could I would instantly switch back to v1.8, but that no longer receives traffic info.
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    Please give the location of this anomaly so that others, on different devices, can check it out and pinpoint the error
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    It's not an anomaly it's flawed by design.
    I used two alternative which I won't name. One totally free with online maps, and one with one time payment and offline maps. Both look as bad as TT looks now. So when when subscription end and TT didn't improve I'll likely abandon ship after using TT for 3 decades, and will the other alternatives. Both are free because I already own the paid version. But I hated so much I quickly abandoned it.