Standard map in DRIVING DIRECTION and not NORTH

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I am using TomTom Go navigation with Carplay at my Skoda Enyaq. Everytime I starts TomTom Carplay in my car, the map is using direction North, but I want driving direction standard. So everytime I starts TomTom I have to change this. If I check my TomTom Go app, and I selected as preference "driving direction 2D" and nog "North". Somebody knows what the solution is?


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    I've not used Carplay + The Go navigation app... But the Latest Tomtom Devices & Apps are Map Centric (Tomtom Speak) Route planning has the highest priority... When the device starts-up or if the route is cleared, the device defaults to the 2D North-up overview planning map screen....

    To change the Map view, tap on the direction of Travel Icon, above the Manual Zoom level + and - Signs
    To toggle between the North-up Overview Planning Map and the Driving Map view chosen in the Setting menus, i.e... 2D in direction of travel or 3D

    The direction of Travel Icon is thinner, more pointed in the 2D in direction of travel or 3D Driving view....

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