Start 25 route gets cleared automatically

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my start 25 when you put a postcode in it is fine all the details com up and displays map and directions. however after about 2 minutes it clears itself saying route cleared. done all resets and updates then it worked for 5 minutes and after putting an address in and setting off it says route cancelled. can any one help please many thanks.


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    Edit... Opps the Start 25 is a none live device that is not affected by my initial suggestion....
    Are you using Multiple device on a single account and are multiple devices in use at the same time ???
    If both devices in use at the same time, and the 1st user plans a route on one device and the other user is already driving with a different Route
    The route on the 2nd device will be cleared and replace by the route from the 1st device ???
    If 'Yes' See...

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