Traffic connection keeps dropping tomtom go 6200

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Hi, I have a Go 6200 S/N ZAxxxxxxx18. The connection to live traffic drops out all the time and is rapidly rendering the device worthless; if I drive for a couple of hours it's connected for about 10 minutes. I don't understand why this is happening as it used to be really really good! Is there anything I can do to fix this, or at least to force it to reconnect whilst I'm driving?

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    Thanks for the pointer. I think the issue is with the GPRS dropping out - when it's connected, I have access to the services; so it isn't that the services aren't working, it's that the connection drops out for really long periods. Is there a way to force the GPRS to re-connect if it does drop out?
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    Hi @rider1rider

    I all else fails and your unit is out of warrantee and you feel able then you could try the following.

    There have been instances of units losing the GPRS connection and nothing would resolve it. It was found that the inbuilt sim was suffering from some corrosion of the contacts. The Sim is below one of the labels on the bottom and if you very carefully remove the label you can then very carefully remove the sim. Others have then inserted and removed the sim such that it has cleaned the contacts and the service has been restored. Once finished they have restuck the label to cover the Sim.

    Usually the unit had completely lost the connection but maybe you are close to that happening.

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    Maybe useful....
    Re the GO 6250 GPRS SIM....

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    this morning on my GO 5200 the traffic was not working, every day a new problem. After 2 hours it started working again! Mystery