Map update downloads OK but update device loops

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I have tried downloading Europe update maps to my device START 50/5 (hich has lifetime Europe updates) both to the internal storage (smaller maps such as Southern Europe so that they are under the 8GB limit) or to the new Kingston 16GB SD card. The download is OK but then when it gets to the updating device part, it goes in increments of 1% but keeps looping back to 0% (and each time it goes to 0% a message on the TomTom says "Update will resume shortly"). After it gets to about 5% it just goes straight to 100% and says "Unable to install update" and No mpa

I have been trying this for about 3 hours now. My internet conection is very fast (100Mps) and stable so I don't know why this is not working. I have tried clearing the HOME3 and MDC caches and unistalling and reinstalling MDC but nothing works.

Of course the old map was deleted when I started this process, so I nopw have a 'bricked' device. PLease can anyone helps as I am getting rather annoyed.