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Tomtom Via 220 (1400) - No Maps and now wont turn on/connect

I have a GPS tomtom via 220 or aka 1400 which was working fine. I decided to updated all my devices and with this particular model - there was 3 updates available.
only the language update was successful but the maps and quickfixgps failed to update and it corrupted my maps installed on the unit.

I already tried the instructions from the tomtom support to delete and install new maps as it showed corrupted and that still failed 41% before it finally wont even connect anymore!!

After resetting and following all the troubleshooting steps i could find on the tomtom website - now my tomtom wont even turn on or connect to the computer or to any applications - mydrive or tomtom home unless a reset is performed - its the only time it turns on.

i have tried the reset process and the unit turns on but only shows a small tomtom icon which has a circle or death in the middle that forever circulates - then the unit switches off and no connection to the PC or applications.

This update map V10.75 has ruined my perfectly working GPS and now my tomtom wont even turn on and connect nor have any maps installed.

i am very disappointed of what has occurred and i expected a response/.solution on how to resolve this issue because of this stupid V10.75 map update!!!

Please resolve this issue ASAP and your stupid "contact" bot keeps failing to raise my issue/email.!!!!



  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,694 Moderator
    Hi @deejaydque
    I would recommend that you charge your device for around 3 hours and check do a soft reset.


  • deejaydquedeejaydque Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Already tried that and still nothing.

    The unit has been connected to charge for 24hrs and still nothing.

    All was working fine right up until the update to v10.75 occurred 😫
  • deejaydquedeejaydque Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    No one else knows what tf is going on or can help here? 😕😞

    Whats tomtom’s support contact number for Australia?

    The online chatbot fails to send an email when i request to send emails regarding my issues.

    Im absolutely disappointed in this entire ordeal due to this update - my perfectly working gps is now bricked 😡😡
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