Rider 550 - can I use GPX files for green lane riding?

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How does the Rider 550 address green Lane riding? These are routes suitable for motor vehicles, sometimes only bikes and not cars. Is there a way to use available gpx files, if even to plan a route on these types of roads/tracks?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @TahirSharif
    We don't have such a feature for green lane specific routes, but I will log that as a request.

    If you have these routes already planned in the GPX files, then it can be imported to the RIDER using MyDrive
    1. Connect your Rider to your computer using MyDrive Connect.
    2. In MyDrive, select My Routes.
    3. Select Import a GPX File and browse to your .GPX track file.
      Tip: The name of the track file in My Routes will be the same as the name of the .GPX file. Edit the name of the file so that you can easily recognise it in My Routes.
    4. Your new track is shown in the My Routes list.
    5. Wait for the track file to upload to your Rider.
    6. Open My Routes.
    7. Your imported track is shown in your My Routes list.

    Thanks, Vikram