Beware of scammers

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Recently there has been an explosion of scam websites that seem to be at the top of google searches.
How to detect you are connected to a scammer
  1. Ask them which device you have giving them just your email address! Can't answer - scammer (Only draw back is if you have not registered you device fully)
  2. Support operative wants you to download computer sharing software - a definite NoNo
  3. Asks you to phone a particular number or asks for you phone number straight away - at the moment TomTom support staff are working from home so no phone conversations.

If you think you have been scammed
  1. Contact your card holder/bank to cancel any payments
  2. Update you computer security software and run a full scan
  3. Notify TomTom via @Luca with as much details as possible, including the website you went to
  4. Report your experience here so others do not fall into a similar trap

For further information read here