camper caravan absolutely abysmal support

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I have a Start 50...with sd card.
Whilst connected to my pc thru tomtom drive connect, I purchased the camper caravan map for £79.00
I previously tried to purchase it prior to my sd card being inserted...and it wouldnt allow me to purchase.... two weeks later...i have the sd card inserted...and the map seemed available for download..... so I paid thru paypal...... received payment confirmation via mail...but no instructions or link...and the map download does not appear in the "drive connect " interface.
so..Im presuming its not compatible...??? although i have no clue??
Its almost impossible to speak to a human being...... Covid being the excuse I guess for pi** poor service
Im after a refund..... "contact|" takes you to a chatbot...with the IQ of an waste of time...eventually i get the option of writing a message in the box that will be "passed on to a rep" .... after dutifully writing the message and sending it to the chat box..the reply was..... "try again later" !!

What a farce..... Tom Toms customer service is disgraceful..... Amazon run rings round do practically everyone else...... I shall NEVER be purchasing from them again..... they really don't give a sh** about customers....... happy to take your cash but cant provide a decent service..... FAIL FAIL FAIL


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    The Camper card is not compatible with the Start 50; you will have been able to verify this with the serial number before purchasing the card.
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    mmmm........ at no point was I asked to enter my serial number before making the purchase...and besides...the serial number is logged under my device in the drive connect app!!!!! trying to get a refund is akin to Everton winning the premiere league..... nigh on impossible..simply because you dont get to interact with a human !!! Pathetic
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    As user willy875 has posted, the Start 50 device is NOT compatible with the Camper & Caravan Map
    Start 50 Models....p7fuj6dr95s1.jpg
    If you use the compatibility checker on the Map purchasing site...
    The Start 50 serial number's starting... VG, VJ & VR Devices are not compatible with the Camper/Caravan Map :/
    (Snip) Trying to get a refund is akin to Everton winning the premiere league..... nigh on impossible…simply because you don't get to interact with a human (Snip)
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