Energy saving mode in TomTom GO android app

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Hi there,
there used to be an energy saving mode ("Energiesparmodus" in german) where 3D object rendering and stuff was turned off. This was essential for using the app with a motorcycle.
I can't find find the option anymore.
The app now drains my battery within 45 minutes, this is unacceptable.
Is the option hidden somewhere else or is there a way to re-enable it? I can't use the app this way...


  • MUP
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    This feature in Go Mobile?

    That's no longer vaild for Go Navigation.
    Now you are able to set 2D directly in settings > zoom.
  • BaerndME
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    Thanks for the answer.
    Yes, that's the feature, and no, switching to "2D" is no option since it alters the perspective to a flat map.
    Is it possible to sideload an old version of the app and use it, still having current map material and Traffic/FCD-Support? Until wich app version is the energy saving mode supported?