TomTom GO traffic flaw

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Here is one, TomTom traffic is literally second to none in most aspects. However there seems to be one major flaw. I work in Bristol airport and commute from Cardiff, with no traffic it take around an hour.

When I set of in rush hour the TomTom says it will take for example 1:05 with a 5 minute delay, on the progress bar it shows further traffic jams but its not showing the delay time and therefore its not included in the ETA. When I get approximately half way there suddenly it shows the extra delay and bang I have now an extra 20 minute delay making me late, it didn’t show me this when I checked the route before I set off. However if I don’t put the route in and just scan the map it knows all the delay times for each jam, why does it not include them when you select the route? It’s unreliable for planning, where Waze etc include all the delays on the route.

I’ve attached an example.