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Amigo 8.170

rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 151 [Exalted Navigator]
Just had a 2h drive ON AA with amigo and works flawless.
Only thing I can say is that there is still an translation issue what I already provided in another discussion.
And that I have my warnings for danger and speedcams on 'voice'. With this update it was set on 'alarm' by default. So I had to change it back. But that's all.

I wanna ask if there is some solution in progress to backup my places ( I think on sync with mydrive or perhaps Google drive or save it as a file on SD card....). Sometimes it happens when I reboot my phone to factory settings and then I lost everything. So this is the only thing I really miss to make it 100% perfect ;)
Thank you for considering.


  • mapfanaticmapfanatic Posts: 2,158 [Revered Voyager]
    rabero1985 wrote: »
    Just had a 2h drive ON AA with amigo and works flawless.

    For my understanding, because I don´t drive with the beta version.
    Do you use the device speakers or the Bluetooth connection ?
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 151 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited September 18
    I have my 📱 wired connected to my car device and run amigo on my car unit with AA. So I think it's bluetooth. The sound is coming from my car speakers.
  • SpeedyITASpeedyITA Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Please, I also ask a function to save my favorite places somewhere ( Google Drive or Dropbox or Onedrive or anywhere you decide)...
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