how can I update the speed cameras? I purchased the service for 1 year.

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I can't find the update to install...


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    The restrictions as a result of the COVID-19, Social Distancing and people working from home, have delayed the Activation of Accounts and the Allocation of Maps & Services to Account’/Devices....
    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday and check/correct your Tomtom Account status.....

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    For these devices the fixed speed camera updates are a part of the regular full map updates. They no longer show as separate updates but as long as you have the latest map installed and your Speed Camera subscription is active, the fixed speed cameras will be up-to-date as well.

    Speed camera alerts are also available as a live service when the TomTom GO Discover or GO Expert is connected to mobile phone data.
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    I too can't find the update to install in the My Drive Connect software. I purchased the Annual Speed camera updates but I am only seeing the monthly updates there. Please help.
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    oh sorry forgot to mention in the above post that I am using a Tom Tom Go 50/51 car device.
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    For the Go 50/51, the speed cameras are updated twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.
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    The annual subscription you purchased is active till the first week of September 2022. I am not sure why you have also subscribed to a monthly subscription.

    Ideally, the updates offered through both - Yearly or Monthly subscriptions are the same.

    The monthly subscription you ordered will only activate when the yearly subscription ends. If you wish, you can cancel it on your account.

    Speed cameras updates are released twice every week - Tuesday and Thursday.