Refund Request

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I don't use TTGO anymore but unfortunately I forgot to unsubscribe and it charged me just 2 days ago. I mailed about this but didn't get a reply.
I know team has been working on it but I don't complain that you don't check the edits on Mapshare, actually I know TomTom takes good care of edits made by people on Mapshare. I just say that I won't wait 3 months for them to be functional when I have them in AmiGO already.

May I have a refund?

Btw, since TTGO app does not even exist in Turkey. I use my other mail adress for subscription. I've already sent my GPA transaction number by mail (via account that I subscribed TTGO)



  • lampard
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    Hi @ucugur

    With GO Navigation, subscriptions are now handled by Google. You can get in touch with their support and raise the request.

    Thanks, lampard
  • ucugur
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    @lampard Well Google says it's not possible. I don't mind one month price it's ok. Hope map updates gets better to keep using TTGO. Thanks