TomTom BRIDGE recovery file request

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Unfortunately I cannot find any help on any tomtom website (including tomtom.developers) as well as any other contact than this forum.
I have trouble with one of our TT BRIDGE Devices:
- Model 4FL70 S/N: 0C3495F00424
Problem is as follows:
- while starting android is turning on and message showing instantly in loop: "Unfortunately Interface application is closing"
Solution which is not helping to solve the issue:
- I try to put rescue.img on SD card root but after uploading the problem is the same.
- Please send to me correct reset.img file which we hope will help

If this help request is sent to wrong contact point, please advise me where is the correct one.
Best regards


  • Jim07
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    Hi wwbb!

    I forwarded your query to the bridge team. they should come back to you soon with a solution. 

  • wwbb
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    Thank you. Should it be under this post or PM ?