Does anybody find the newer "Discover" maps difficult to use compared to the "Premium" mapping??

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I have just upgraded from a Tomtom Premium to Discover. I drive professionally and use the sat nav everyday. I like to use the 2D mapping which gives a good view of the current route & also the general surroundings nearby. I'm finding the newer "Discover" mapping very poor. Lack of colour. Very greyscale. Difficult to identify other roads close to your route. Is it a A, B, of C class road etc. My "route"/road is very wide on screen with very little detail of villages/other roads either side of me unless you zoom very close.

Premium tomtom images...

Discover tomtom images...

Any advice gratefully received. I've had many tomtom's over the years. All served me well. Feeling somewhat dismayed with this one.



  • rider1rider
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    not many colours
  • cbrfireblade
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    Agree map not good. I have the go 6200 in my car which is very good but unless improvements are made to the dicovery I certainly will not be upgrading to the discovery when the 6200 is no longer supported I will use my rider 550 in my car.
  • lyndon1230
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    The maps are very outdated as well. Waste of money.
  • Jaflonpink
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    I agree , maps are very poor these days, lacking detail and colour.
    I’m afraid TomTom are really a poor company these day, support is diabolical. It’s such a shame they were the best navigation company by far.