card not showing V8.164.0 Redmi note 10 pro

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Hi moderators,
I just changed my phone to a Xiaomi Redmi not 10 pro with Miui 12.0.5, updated Android Auto and android 11.
With this new phone, I have a problem with displaying the map on my car screen.
After connecting my phone, Android auto launches, Amigo launches but there is no card, only the blue of the sky and nothing more!
To get the map, I have to click on the Amigo icon on my phone screen for the map to appear on my car screen!
With my old phone, the redmi note 9 pro with miui 12.0.5 and android auto, I didn't have this problem!

Do you have a solution?
thank you in advance for your help


  • lampard
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    Hi @Narmonono

    Have a look at the link here, specifically this part:
    Blank map all the time:
    Check if you have AdGuard, Blokada or any other adblocker installed. Go to the settings in the Ad blocking app and remove AmiGO. AmiGO does not advertise to you. However, some adblockers block essential services that we need to make the app work.

    Blank map when the App is started from the head unit: (On RedMi or Xiaomi devices)
    • Make sure app autostart is allowed. e.g. XiaoMi - Open Security app > Permissions > Auto-start. Enable "Autostart" for AmiGO.
    • Check the "Show on Lock Screen" Permission is enabled. Apps > Permissions > Other Permissions > AmiGO > Show on Lock screen.

    Best, lampard
  • Narmonono
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    Hi and thank you for your reply.
    So I had done all this well but the problem was still present!
    I say "was" because this morning when I did not change anything, everything is back to normal and everything is working!

    I don't know why there was this problem!

    Good day