Where will I be in X hours - How far is this place in my itinerary

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I just finished a 2800 km trip with my motorcycle. I had defined my route in advance for the whole trip.

One thing I was missing a lot during the trip was the ability to know where I would be in X hours, in order to book a hotel there.

Also, I could not find an easy way to tell in how much time I would be in a certain place that was on my route, in order for example to book a table in a restaurant. I had to cancel my current route and use search to find that place and see how long is it to get there. And if I had intermediate points on my initial route until that place, it was almost impossible to calculate.

Are these two things possible? Am I missing something?


  • lampard
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    Hi @papadi

    Thank you for this feedback. I'm not sure if this was ever present in the app but I'll make this a feature request for my product team.

    Best, lampard