Live Traffic stops working mid journey

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Hi all,

I think I have a slightly different issue to some others in the "Traffic Not Working" thread.

My live traffic kinda works, then it doesn't. To explain:
- At first I had the issue where, for some reason it wasn't signed in, so while the app would navigate fine, and updated maps etc. but it wouldn't get the live traffic. It would just show the little traffic icon with the cross next to it. :/
- After that, once I signed in, there would be red and orange all over the map - hey presto! its working...
- then a few mins into the journey, the traffic icon would get the little cross on it again. :s

I cant be sure, but it seems like the traffic 'hotspots' shown on the map stay in place (the ones it identifies when you first start the navigation), but they do not update live.

To be clear, this happens with metro driving, Brisbane (QLD, Australia), with full 4G coverage. App is up to date, iOS up to date, app signed in for TomTom services. Maps up to date.

I could understand if there was no live traffic coverage out in the bush, but it happens minutes after starting navigation.

Any ideas?


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    Looks like a same kind of issue I have (and many others) on Android as well. Didn't receive an update/fix for that yet unfortunately.