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New Toyota yaris, Huwawei mobile
Tried Android auto, don't like it.
Loaded GO Navigation - like it
Connect in car - Android auto on car screen. Disable android auto and reconnect - NOTHING
How do I get GO navigation up on the car screen?


  • Willy875
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  • micromike
    micromike Registered Users Posts: 3
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    Done all that with android auto and it worked - didn't like it.
    Hoped I could do the same thing with TomTom GO Navigation but can't get the car to recognise that app
  • C0ventry-brown
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    I have used Tom Tom go for a few years iOS
    It now keeps failing. All I get is Loading app.
    Will cancel my subscription
  • DougLap
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    Hi @C0ventry-brown

    Have you tried fully deleting the App from your iPhone ,turning the phone Off then restating phone and loading the App again. There have been reports of what you are describing , although on the 3 iPhone models 6s SE old version and 12 mini we have the issue does not appear, and TT have indicated they are working on a resolution which they hope to release soon.