London Lorry Control Zone

Has anyone used the new Expert with any articulated truck inside the LLCZ? Specifically, I would like to know if TomTom Expert understands the LLCZ and it’s restrictions. I have to drive regularly inside the zone with appropriate council permissions, but my current satnav and both iOS apps for truckers just try to divert me out of it all the time. No trucking satnav that I have tried so far really understands the zone (and others cropping up like it, e.g. Birmingham). I want a satnav that will allow me to save the approved council route to my destination, and just advise me of traffic problems etc. on the route, but otherwise shut the hell up and just navigate the route I have asked it to! I’m fine if it advises me when I create the route that it goes inside the zone to check if I really want to do that, but just the once when I set it up. Sadly, I suspect the answer is no…

Thanks in advance!


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    best to buy and test
    or return for refund
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    best to buy and test
    or return for refund

    Thanks, but was actually asking for some feedback from someone who might have experience of it.