MyDrive not sharing routes with TomTom Go app

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I have subscribed to TomTom GO app on Android. I plan a route in MyDrive, and select sync the route with my devices, but it does not appear in the Go App.
Some routes in the past have appeared but it is not consistent.
It is sharing MyPlaces.
How else can one plan a route for the TomTom GO App: without the ability to plan routes, the TomTom Go app is pointless so I will have to cancel my subscription.

**Update** It has now started sync'ing, but can I trust this app anymore?


  • lampard
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    Hi @PeterLawrence

    Welcome to the Community! Glad to know that routes are back on your App. This might be a glitch/delay/one-time thing, I try to disable/enable the 'MyDrive' option under TomTom Services whenever this occurs.

    Best, lampard

  • PeterLawrence
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    I had tried disabling and reenabling MyDrive under TomTom services but it did not work - immediately at least.
    MyPlaces was always transferred immediately to the Go app, which was strange.
    I *think* I noticed that MyDrive was not showing road closures, etc at the time of me creating the route and when it did not sync with the Go app. However, when it started syncing it was then showing the road closures etc. Does that imply MyDrive was going through some sort of upgrade? Just a guess.