Why are the new NDS maps not updating and hugely out of date? v2.71

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Since this new update my maps have not been updated, not once. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted maps, reinstalled maps. I may be missing something but there has been no update as far as I can tell.

Also, the map that I'm forced to use is hugely out of date, areas of large cities such as Brighton are wrong, I was also in London around Heathrow airport and whole junctions are missing. Surely this can't be right?

This is so frustrating as I use the app all the time and since this 'update' the quality has been shocking.

Advice appreciated.


  • eddydc
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    Indeed, the updates still don't cover the long fixed (in MPS), mainly speed, changes.

    As such, the whole map update thing is rather mind blowing since there exist an official database by the Flemish government where at least all traffic signs - thus also speed - for our region. I pointed this out several times and the answer is that they will not use external data.

    The result is that all depends on the input from volunteers, putting time and effort in adjusting things in an outdated - compared to the competition like Here map creator - tool like mapshare and don't see this result in TT Go.
    I sincerely hope things - also the use of government data and a better MPS tool) will become better soon.