"Corrupt map\ Update freezing and getting stuck & unable to install any EU map"

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"Corrupt map\ Update freezing and getting stuck & unable to install any EU map"

Last time, when I update my TomTom via 135 (with life time EU map support) my device says no map loaded but when connected to my drive it says corrupt map.

Namely, each time, after chosen EU map dowloaded to PC during the installation phase either the operation stoped via error message ("Something has gone wrong. Check your computer for more information") or the processing suddenly jump from 3-5% to 100% then fails with error message or 'update success' prompt but nothing being installed, still TomTom mentions 'no map installed' and MyDriveConnect says map file is corrupted.

I have tried everything recommend on this subject such as: uninstalling & installing MyDriveConnect software; deleting all folders including cache folder (I also tried to re-download the map by clearing the cache folder); OR logging out and logging back into the software; OR close& restart the software itself and softboot as well as reinstall the Via 135 by 3 times pressing the powerbutton after seeing the black screen; OR tring to download updates first on computer then to device ("download updates on my computer" option); OR trying to choose a smaller EU map; OR trying to install the map to microSD; OR disabling USB ports for power saving "USB Selective Suspend" mode; OR adjusting all firewall and virus options not to let them act as an intruder...etc (those steps are tried by the order written in suggestions; however here not writen in order but in random just to give you an idea)

Uploading a smaller map, works just fine for some users but for me I am only able to choose among some parts of EU maps (still 2-3Gb) but I am not able to not choose a single country (in my case Turkey).

Somehow my device refuses to install the any chosen map among any EU map parts offered as an alternative.

I believe (as mentioned as Case 2 by TomTom experts) it is the certificate problem (During the update process map installation fails but the certificate gets installed, MyDrive Connect will not offer the same map for download.)

I need the customer service to get the certificate removed, I am needing their tools in the backend to create scripts that will remove the certificate (as mentioned, once the certificate is removed the map will be offered as a download again in MyDrive Connect.)

Is it possible to remove the malfunctioning certificates so that I can reinitiate the healthy download and update procedure?

Can I able to choose a single map (in my case Turkey) within the limits of my lifetime EU update agreement?


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    wait Monday that Moderators @vikramk and @lampard

    read your newspaper and see what they can do for you
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    Hi @ArdaAlpVia135
    A different version of the Europe map has been activated on your account, it should be offered to you in smaller regions/countries.

    Could you try installing a smaller update and see if that goes through?